We research ideas and design projects. Our skilled designers & artists can provide strong concepts, great minimal designs & robust development and support for your projects, web or print, analogue or digital.

High quality sound engineering and sound equipment rental services are in our skill-set. Our sound engineers can handle a great variety of  projects, ranging from custom speakers to musical events production.

Managed web hosting, collaborative online tools, website content management, IT support are available on demand. We offer education and support for your online projects in the cloud.

As a social cooperative, we aim to evolve by learning and practicing in a collaborative way. We offer professional services with a friendly attitude and open mind. As said, ‘mistakes are a greater form of art’ 😉

Short bio

Drouminex is an Athens-based cooperative, working on various fields of image & sound.

Our team consists of experienced technicians, craftsmen and artists with nearly 20 years of combined work experience. We have lived, studied and worked in various European cities such as Athens, Brussels, Hague, Paris & Utrecht and this has armed us with a strong professional and interpersonal skill-set, which allows us to effectively meet our clients’ needs and expectations in all levels.

Clients & Partners